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Spark Teamship Statewide

A team-based internship experience

  • Work on a team to solve a real problem for a high-tech business.

  • Develop the team-based problem solving skills you need for modern work.

  • Write about this experience on your college applications and your resume.

  • Start building your professional network.

  • Earn 2 units towards your High-Tech Learning Accelerator credit.

Let us know you're interested!

Can I register for Spark Teamship Statewide?

Spark Teamship Statewide is available to 9-12th grade students from SparkNC school districts. Seats are limited and are assigned on a first-in basis with some preference given to allow students from all SparkNC districts to participate.

THE EARLIER YOU APPLY THE BETTER CHANCE YOU HAVE OF GETTING A SPOT. Students who register after a section is filled will be put on a waitlist. If additional seats open up, waitlist students will be assigned. You will be notified of your status no later than 1 week following the registration deadline.

Registration for all sections will open prior to the start of the 2024-2025 school year. If you'd like to be notified when registration is open, please complete the interest form above. 

2024-2025 SparkNC Districts

Asheboro City Schools
Cabarrus County Schools
Chatham County Schools
Cumberland County Schools
Edgecombe County Public Schools
Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools
Granville County Schools
Guilford County Schools
Lexington City Schools
Mount Airy City Schools
New Hanover County Schools
Rockingham County Schools
Rowan-Salisbury School System
Scotland County Schools
Vance County Schools
Wake County Public Schools
Warren County Schools

Some of the businesses Teamship students have worked with

What students are saying...

“I feel really happy... I feel like we’ve done something, my team and I have done something very meaningful for our community, and I really love this program because of that, you know?”

— Eros Trujillo, Teamship alum

“... it is not an understatement to say [Teamship] jump-started my career. I use the program’s skills almost daily, and it has impressed my colleagues and helped me stand out as a young professional ... The impact of this program extends beyond the [program] — it is an invaluable resource for the rest of your career.”

— Abby Geigerman, Teamship alum

“[Teamship] opens the minds of students to how the real world operates. It shows us that even at a young age, we can transform our current skillset to solve problems and offer ideas in effective ways.”

— Ana Ratanaphruks, Teamship alum

How Teamship works

1 Team Up

District C groups students from across the state into diverse problem-solving teams of 4 students each. 

2 Launch

Teams meet online to build their team dynamic and interview their business partner to better understand the business problem and context.

3 Solve

With support from their coach, teams work to understand the root problem, test potential solutions, and create a solution proposal for the business partner.

4 Pitch

Teams propose their solution to the business partner and answer questions in a live session attended by community stakeholders and parents.

students working JCPS


How Spark Teamship benefits you

Real-world experience

Spark Teamship is a reimagined internship experience that sets you apart on applications for jobs and college.

Spark Teamship work — pushing through the positive struggle that comes with tackling a novel problem, working with a diverse set of peers to achieve a common goal, using design thinking principles to develop robust solutions, and presenting ideas and solutions to real business stakeholders — gives you a set of real-world experiences that any college or potential employer will want to hear more about.


Spark Teamship teaches critical mindsets and tools.

Technology has changed everything. In the digital age, information is at our fingertips. Memorizing facts and figures is now less important than figuring out how to make sense of overwhelming amounts of information to solve big problems and seize big opportunities. The world needs thinkers who can break down increasingly complex problems, doers who will persevere in the face of failure and uncertainty, and collaborators who know how to bring together diverse people and ideas.

Developing and leveraging these mindsets is a lifelong journey. Practicing these mindsets leads to confidence, competence, and the ability to effect change. The Spark Teamship experience gives you the tools to get started and keep growing.


Spark Teamship is an opportunity to learn from and build relationships with a diverse set of peers.

The best ideas are informed by unique perspectives, and unique perspectives start with diversity. Teams are made up of students who bring unique skill sets, different world views, and diverse passions and motivations.


Teams work with real businesses that have real problems to solve.

Whether it’s creating a plan to help a metaverse fashion company sell more digital clothing, working with a fitness technology company to improve a new app design, or developing a strategy to help a software development company attract more female software engineers, the work is real. Regardless of the problem, teams engage in real work that has real consequences and the potential to make a meaningful impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?
How will the student teams be made?

We’ll put you on a team with 3 other students from other school districts across the state. This is a chance to meet and work with new people with different backgrounds, strengths, and experiences.

Where does Spark Teamship happen?
Is this free?
What are some examples of problems student teams have worked on?

All business partners come from high-tech industries, and every business problem will be real, meaningful, and urgent. Here are some examples of the kinds of businesses and the problems they’ve brought:

What if I don't know anything about business?
Will someone coach us through the process?
Do student teams actually propose solutions that businesses can use?
Do students ever get hired by District C businesses after Spark Teamship?
How will Spark Teamship get added to my High-Tech Learning Accelerator (HTLA) account?
What should I do after Spark Teamship to make sure I leverage my experience to get ahead?
Can I do Spark Teamship more than once?